Archive ‘First They Came for the Yellow Pages: Environmentalists Target Phone Books’

Take a look at this interesting  article on Andrew Breitbart’s website that explores common misconceptions – promoted by groups ranging from environmentalists to local legislators – about consumer usage of Yellow Pages and the environmental impact of directories.

Echoing some of the arguments presented in the Valley Yellow Pages video we shared last week, the article clearly outlines important and factual responses to common inaccurate statements about our industry:

  • No one uses the Yellow Pages anymore: That’s simply not true. In fact, a high majority of U.S. adults – nearly 75% – refer to the Yellow Pages for local business information each year. Broken down by demographic, the usage figure is 85% of Baby Boomers and 66% of Generation Y, two groups that have among the highest levels of disposable income. Additionally, lower-income consumers, many of whom don’t have Internet access, continue to use the Yellow Pages in high numbers.
  • Publishers don’t give consumers a choice to stop delivery: Actually, Yellow Pages publishers think that directories should only be delivered to those who want them. If a directory won’t get used, there’s absolutely no economic benefit to delivering it. That’s why publishers launched an industry-wide initiative,, which allows anyone across the country to limit to stop delivery of directories to their homes through a simple online registration.

I strongly encourage you to take a look at this article hear this point of view about our industry and use it with your fellow employees and advertisers to help spread the word.

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