bieMEDIA Brings Video Services to Local Businesses

bieMEDIA is a provider of online video marketing content for over 25 years.  Here is the company’s mission statement:

Our mission is to offer seamless video production services, allowing our clients to take full advantage of video production and distribution, while focusing on their primary business needs.  bieMEDIA’s full service production facility produces content ranging from simple Montage videos with photographs and Professional Voice Over to Enhanced Montage where still image photographs are transformed in to 2D+ images with movement.  In addition to Enhanced Montage videos bieMEDIA has a full content creation animation group producing animated videos for many clients as well as having access to hundreds of videographers that shoot footage throughout the world for bieMEDIA to edit at its 27,000 sq. ft. studio in Denver.

We caught up with bieMEDIA’s CEO Jon Barocas and COO Mike Osborne to learn more:

What local problem(s) does bieMEDIA solve? How?
There are two areas where we focus on helping local businesses.  First, often times local businesses may not believe they can afford a high value, high quality video due to production costs.  We work closely with distribution partners to create services that are scalable in mass to bring down individual costs so a local business is getting the same advantage as big business.

The second area is around messaging and brand.  As many of the independent tracking agencies are reporting that consumers are becoming more dependent on and looking for video as a means to understand the products and services local businesses offer.  We work closely with our clients to ensure that the video we produce maps to the messaging their clients need.

What makes bieMEDIA innovative?
We make sure we understand where the overall consumer is getting their information and how they want to get it.  Several years ago we migrated our hosted player environment to ensure it was compatible with all mobile devices.  We also look at how consumers are processing information by tracking how long videos are watched and communicating back to our customers new approaches to make sure their messaging is being heard.  Unlike many other video companies, we control all the video assets for our clients from concept to finished project and offer white label services for video and customer relations.  We do all the heavy lifting making video a very simple and affordable product.

How does bieMEDIA make the local space better for advertisers and/or consumers?
We build content that is engaging, creative and directed properly.  We strive to get the consumer the information they need to make informed decisions about products and services.  This helps drive appropriate traffic to the advertiser.  In addition, we make the process of getting quality video content easy for the local business so they can concentrate on their core business while taking advantage of the power of video.

What is next in local?
We believe that content will become even more of a basic service; as consumers go to mobile to get more information reading long descriptors about products and services will be more challenging.  As the saying goes if a picture is worth a thousand words a video is worth a million.  This increase in content usage will also drive more demand from businesses for personalized content with messaging that is extremely focused.

For more info check out the video below, visit, email or call 800.941.2275.

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