BIA/Kelsey: YP Executives Express Cautious Optimism for 2010

BIA/Kelsey offers an analysis of recent Yellow Pages companies’ earnings calls that show some signs of optimism from executives such as SuperMedia CFO Dee Jones and Yell Group CEO John Condron about their outlooks for 2010.

According to the piece, the rate of decline in Yellow Pages print revenues has started to bottom out. The two executives also agreed that the negative performance of Yellow Pages’ print units is due in large part to the tough economic climate rather than a significant long-term shift in print usage and that confidence overall is increasing.

Even as Yellow Pages companies continue to add new digital and mobile services, partnerships, and acquisitions to their offerings, print remains a component of the product mix that helps local businesses generate sales leads.

For the full post, visit the BIA/Kelsey blog by clicking here.

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