BIA/Kelsey MLM SF: Fireside Chat w/ Mihir Shah, VP Mobile, Groupon

Peter Kravilovsky, VP Markeplaces at BIA/Kelsey, held a fireside chat with Mihir Shah, VP Mobile, Groupon that focused on Groupon’s business and what is driving their growth strategy.

Mihir said that mobile “is a big part of our business,” noting that 30% of all Groupon purchases in April were conducted via mobile devices. He said that over the past 12 months, mobile customers have generally spent 50% more than web-only users.

Mihir overviewed two Groupon initiatives – Products (Goods) and Travel (Getaways) – that the company is launching outside of its core local deals offering. He said the Groupon brand is now being perceived as more than just a daily deals site and that part of Groupon’s mission is discovery, not just deals.

For more on this session, read BIA/Kelsey’s blog item.

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