BIA/Kelsey Leading in Local: Leveraging Location to Increase Effectiveness of AdWords Campaigns

94% of all consumers have searched for local info. About half call or contact a store and just under 30% make a purchase. Here’s some tips from Google’s Brendon Kraham, director of global mobile solutions and product strategy, on how you can leverage location specific strategies to increase the effectiveness of your ads when allocating spend resources on Google AdWords.

  1. Optimize for your customer’s locations. Adjust bids for Adwords for high and low performing areas. In other words, pay more for Ad results sent to mobile phones in specific locations where your customers are. Combine keywords + location to optimize the performance of your ads.
  2. Increase foot traffic to your business. Bid in incremental amounts based on radial distance from your store to target consumers nearby.
  3. Engage customers at places of interest.  Adjust bids based on high performing venues e.g. at airports for travel related services.

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