BIA/Kelsey Leading in Local: California Lt. Governor Talks Technology

Lt. Governor Newsom shared some frank comments on how government is not embracing technology and how that is hurting its ability to govern even in a tech powerhouse state like California.  For example, California still has a law on its books that prohibits its government from using any cloud based services.  Its DMV database is also on the brink of failing but the state just fired HP from the project even though they are $140 million into it because HP just realized they would not be able to complete the project.  He gave an example of the inability for outside contractors to bid for work on the federal healthcare website leaving the development to those who had already been working for the government for years.

According to Newsom, government has a problem with regards to procurement and is failing in governing with technology.  He thinks government needs to radically reorient itself to engage technology.  Right now, technology, especially social media, is viewed as an obstacle by many elected officials because it forces them to respond to voters daily instead of every four years on the campaign trail.

But there is so much potential for technology to improve government, and Lt. Governor Newsom sees this as a great opportunity to build bipartisan initiatives and causes.  He is working with both parties to govern with technology and integrate tech initiatives into local civic life.

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