BIA/Kelsey ILM West ’11: Dex One Chief Strategy Officer on ‘The New Marketing Services Company’

In the session “Digital First Directories: The New Marketing Services Companies,” Dex One’s Chief Strategy Officer David Sharman discussed his company’s strategy as it adapts its business to service today’s digital world.

Sharman said that today, Dex is faced with the reality of engaging local businesses that are overwhelmed with marketing options and need help.

He talked about some core challenges facing Dex, including:

  • The likely turnover of about two-thirds of Dex’s employees to achieve alignment as a digital company and to move from being “order takers” to “service partners”
  • Managing the decline of print while not allowing it to affect current growth in digital

Sharman also discussed Dex’s evolving product set, which included several significant additions in 2011 with more coming in 2012, including SEO, display, social and mobile offerings. He said the company is beginning to see healthy margins from digital offerings and hopes more is to come.

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