BIA/Kelsey’s Neal Polachek: Industry Has Entered Age of ‘Directional Marketing Services’


Opening up DMS ’09 this afternoon, Neal Polachek of BIA/Kelsey talked about the dramatic transformation that the Yellow Pages industry has seen in just the last five years.

According to Neal, Yellow Pages spent nearly 100 years strictly as a print media industry, before evolving into a “print+online” industry from 1985 to 1999 into the current age, dawning in 2000, as the age of “Directional Marketing Services” (DMS).

The age of DMS is characterized by its rapidly transforming multiplatform environment where there is increasing demand for interactive, mobile content. To meet the evolving needs of customers and advertisers in this space, Polachek anticipates increased growth in local search solutions that can provide:

  • Data and analysis: offering not just data, but interpretation that adds depth and context.
  • An evolved sales force: that redefines the way that the industry serves and engages clients.
  • Partnerships: offering mash-ups of data, platforms and communities that ultimately benefit the end-user experience.
  • New business models: that redefine the role and frameworks of local business search providers.
  • Consumer “Permanence”: meaning those enhanced functionalities that will create life-long users such as user-generated ratings, reviews, online booking, reminders, updates, membership benefits and customer training benefits.

Reinforcing the changing nature of the Yellow Pages, Neal mentioned the blogs and social media outlets that will be covering DMS ’09, including InsideYP. Thanks for the shout out, Neal!

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