Belly Launches Free Sampling Program to Attract Shoppers to Local Businesses


Belly, the Chicago-based digital loyalty company, recently launched Belly Bites, a new service that allows local businesses to offer free promotional items like a cookie, pizza, massage, or gym membership to Belly users via the company’s website, mobile app and e-mail subscription service. The goal is that those who receive the free sample will try it out and come back as loyal customers.

Belly has some unique features that address key concerns that local businesses have with free or discounted online promotions.

First, Belly enables local businesses to target their free samples to their most desired demographics using information Belly collects on the businesses and neighborhoods its users frequent. For example, Belly makes sure that a free sample from a new coffee shop isn’t offered to users who already have a regular spot and are unlikely to switch.

Second, Belly has a process in place that prevents the typical overcrowding that can occur with free or discounted promotions. Belly staggers customers based on how many people a business says it can accommodate within a given week or month.

It will be interesting to see how this free online sample platform works out and if businesses and customers catch on. We’ll be watching!

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