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Daily News: Successful SMB SaaS Products, Small Business Statistics, GMB’s Pay-to-Play Hint

Daily News: SMBs at LOCALOGY ENGAGE, Amazon’s Incremental Ad Revenues, Trust in SMB Websites

Weekly News: Customer Acquisition Costs, SaaS ‘Engagement’ Problem, SMB Technology Adoption

Daily News: SMB Technology Adoption, Google’s Auto-Delete Feature, Marketing Automation

Daily News: Google’s ‘CallJoy’ Virtual Agent, SMB Ad Spend, Facebook Messenger’s New Features

Study: Majority of SMBs Will Increase Ad Spend This Year

Daily News: Customer Acquisition Costs, SaaS ‘Engagement’ Problem, GMB Subscription Bundles

As Customer Acquisition Costs Rise, SMB SaaS Tech Providers Find Innovative Ways to Reduce Churn

Daily News: Amazon’s Ad Revenue, Snapchat’s ‘Snap Select’, New Rules of Customer Engagement

Weekly News: SaaS Valuations for SMBs, Multi-Touch Attribution, Google SERP Survey


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