AT&T Plans to Offer Daily Deals

Roger Cheng of the Wall Street Journal recently filed a story on how is planning to offer daily discount deals to its users in the next two months – using a model that is similar to Groupon and LivingSocial. AT&T is planning on offering one deal per day in each local market on

AT&T Interactive Chief Executive David Krantz said that they can be “a fast follower” of the Groupon model as they have a distinct edge from a large network of salesmen, advertisers and users. He also said AT&T is working on partnering with a technology company to help manage the distribution and tracking of its coupons on

As our industry moves towards digital advertising, Krantz believes it’s essential for to use its extensive resources to keep its 30 million monthly users coming back. Although the local deal market is definitely “red-hot” lately, there is some evidence that shows small- and medium-sized business owners might not be investing in group advertising as much as larger companies – but we might see these businesses changing their minds in the future as group deals become more prolific. This is the space to watch!

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