AT&T Interactive Launches New In-App Local Ads

One of the major highlights of our newly released “State of Local Search” study is the fast-growing role that mobile search – and mobile apps in particular– are playing among consumers searching for local content.

In yet another example of our industry’s anticipation of and reaction to the latest consumer trends, AT&T Interactive this month launched an in-app local ad service on its mobile network. According to the company’s press release, this technology will provide local businesses with an enhanced way to generate higher-quality leads by increasingly the local relevancy of ads, while at the same time increasing potential reach.

Mobile local advertising is expected to grow at a 57% compounded annual growth rate to over $2 billion by 2014, according to BIA/Kelsey. The firm also announced recently that it predicts local mobile advertising will grow from 51% of total mobile advertising today to 70% by 2015. Clearly, this latest offering will better position AT&T to benefit from growth in the local mobile space over the next several years.

When determining the potential of in-app ads both generally and for AT&T in particular, look no further than the results of the offerings’ pilot period. AT&T successfully generated more than 750 million impressions in only three months – demonstrating how in-app local ads are playing a growing role in redefining how area advertisers connect with consumers.

Read AT&T Interactive full release here.

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