AT&T AdWorks Links Mobile Ads with Foursquare

AT&T AdWorks, through mobile ad firm’s Celtra’s partnership with Foursquare, will let consumers check-in to the location-based social network via mobile ads served by AT&T’s network, according to a report in AdWeek.

As part of the unit, mobile ads featuring Foursquare will appear as regular mobile banners that call on consumers to check-in to local businesses. Consumers clicking the ads will be shown a map with nearby store locations, provided that the users has opted-in to being targeted by location (otherwise, the user will be asked to input their zip code). Consumers can then click on the store location they wish to go to for Foursquare information tied to that location including offers and tips. Consumers can also access Foursquare directly to check-in and click-to-call business locations.

I think this is another great example of leveraging growth in mobile and social to bring innovative new offerings to advertisers – and a useful tool to consumers as well. Read the full AdWeek story here.

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