As the Heat Spikes, So Does Yellow Pages Usage

It’s another brutally hot July, with record-breaking temperatures sweeping the country. And once again, consumers are turning to Yellow Pages for air-conditioning solutions so they can get some relief from the heat.

When it comes to a major buy like an air conditioning system, consumers rely on Yellow Pages to provide the trusted local business information they need to get started on their purchase. In fact, over the course of the year, more than 32 million references will be made to air conditioning contractors and systems in Yellow Pages directories—with the highest number of references occurring in July— according to the Local Media Tracking Study commissioned by YPA and conducted by Burke.

A review of the data also show that:

  • An air conditioning heading user spends $1,497 on average, significantly higher than the all-headings average of $440.
  • The average user seeking to purchase an A/C system looks at approximately 5.4 ads, higher than the all-heading average of  4.9 ads.
  • Because air conditioning equipment is an infrequent purchase, most consumers are in a search mode when shopping.  Fifty-six percent of Yellow Pages users either have no name or multiple names in mind when looking at the heading, providing an opportunity for advertisers to influence consumers’ decisions about where to purchase. Moreover, 70% of shoppers end up doing business with an establishment that they have never used before.

  • Data also show that hot weather is a larger driver than cool weather to Yellow Pages directories.

As this data indicates, consumers who reference air-conditioning contractors and systems through a Yellow Pages directory are likely to consider a larger number of businesses before making their purchase—and willing to spend a lot, too. That means that those local businesses who invest in advertising in this category have a higher likelihood of attracting the high-quality local leads they seek the most.

For more information, read our press release about air conditioning references.

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