Another Great LSA Think Tank Event

Last night in San Francisco, LSA hosted another Think Tank dinner. These are informal quarterly gatherings of people in the local media industry for networking, discussion and fun. Invitations are limited to keep the events intimate.

Last night’s Think Tank was held at the Waterfront Restaurant. We had to compete with the NBA finals, which I suspect caused a couple of last-minute cancellations — and some distraction during the early part of the event (until the Warriors pulled away).

It was a great turnout with a diverse group of startups and more established internet companies. Coming out of yesterday’s webinar with Neal Polachek and Lem Lloyd we talked a good deal about the future of SMB marketing and what the next several years will bring around more transactional and digital commerce experiences and services. There was a lot of other interesting discussion off the record.

We’ll be hosting more of these events around the US. If you’re interested in being a sponsor, suggesting a location or attending send us an email.

A big thanks to Think Tank sponsors BuzzBoard and The Fairway Group.

Think Tank sponsors

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