#LSA18: Amazon’s Alexa Team Invites Local Search Players to Participate

Amazon’s Alexa team reached out to the Local Search community at LSA 18,  discussing the ins- and- outs of preparing local search for voice search, and helping local search players understand the opportunity of working with the Alexa voice search business.

While Amazon voice search devices like the Echo remain the predominant channel for Amazon’s voice search, the next generation will also include  third party OEMs for  various Internet of Thing channels, including smart speakers, smart watches, smart thermostats and smart refrigerators.

Third parties can work with Amazon Skill Kits to build their own channels, sometimes providing more specific answers to questions than Amazon would otherwise provide – the proverbial needle in a haystack.  This is Amazon’s preference, as voice search requires exact answers, rather than supplying ten options like a typical Web search.  “It is all killer, no filler,” they noted.

The growth of voice search is going to create new customers and new engagement, they added.  Consumers will use voice search more often when they new capabilities, just as Z-estimates from Zillow boosted the role and usage of real estate search. Already, Timers and Alarms have seen a big pick up from Amazon Echo devices.

We will also see the growth of voice search as it goes beyond the home and kitchen. People will want to ask Alexa questions from wherever they are.

Developers who work with voice search, however, had better be prepared to meet the special need of voice search. For instance, they need to be able to engage in a back and forth conversation with the recorded Alexa voice.

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