Amazon ‘Moments’ Enables Marketers to Reward Customers for Desired Actions

Last week, Amazon introduced its Moments platform, a service that allows brands to reward customers following various “moments” completed throughout their purchasing journeys via mobile app or website. The term “moments” indicates a desired consumer action.

When a customer completes a given task, Amazon then delivers the reward, physical or digital, to the customer’s Amazon account page.

Utilizing a cost per action (CPA) pricing model, the user-friendly Moments console lets marketers set specific guidelines and budgets that fit the needs of their customers. Marketers can implement A/B testing across campaigns to test various combinations of actions, rewards and costs and see which provide the best results.

The company reported success with the platform across several industries, including a gaming developer who boosted first time players within their mobile app by 20 times, as well as a video streaming service that doubled their chances of winning back subscribers. Beta users of the tool included popular brands like TikTok, The Washington Post, Sony Crackle and Bravo.

The goal of the tool is to help brands better engage with their customers and earn their loyalty for future purchases.

In addition to increased engagement, the platform offers several additional solutions, including improved monetization, increased subscriptions, reducing turnover and gaining back payers.

Brands that opt to implement the CPA model are offered benefits like cross-platform integration, flexible pricing, custom targeting and advanced security. There is also a vast selection of products available on Amazon that can be utilized for rewards.

According to Amazon, it takes developers less than a week to implement within apps or websites. And, because the Amazon Moments API records customer’s actions in real time, it provides a great avenue for marketers looking to implement simple, low-cost loyalty campaigns devoid of tedious upkeep. The tool is available on iOS, Android, FireOS and web.

In January, Amazon reported that there are more than a million U.S. small- to medium-sized businesses selling products on its platform. Moments could potentially be a simple way for them to institute rewards and loyalty programs, although it’s not clear yet how many will do so.

Amazon’s Vinod Sirimalle will discuss the current state of the Alexa ecosystem and what the future holds for voice search and smart speakers at LSA19.

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