All of the SEO Tools Marketers Need for 2019

2019 is here, and that means it’s time for marketers to take a step back and see how they can keep their client’s online presence modernized and effective. As search trends change and local SEO tools become more powerful, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to growing your client’s digital footprint. To help stay on top of visibility goals, here’s a run-down of the SEO tools marketers will need for 2019:

Google Search Console

The Google Search Console is a suite of tools that helps marketers optimize content for search results, measure a site’s search performance, and identify any issues that could be holding back SEO performance. Previously known as Google Webmaster Tools, the new Search Console is more accessible to a wider audience including marketers and business owners — not just webmasters. These tools help marketers better understand their audience and their marketing strategies.

Google’s Search Analytics function can give powerful insights on how your client’s SEO is performing. On it marketers can see which search queries are driving users to a site and where these searches are coming from. This allows marketers to cater content to the most effective keywords and rework — or jettison — the content that isn’t working. In addition, marketers can find out which queries are coming from mobile users and optimize content accordingly. This helps capitalize on the ever-more-important “Near Me” searches.

On top of that, the Mobile-Friendly Test can help marketers determine whether mobile users have a smooth experience when visiting a site. In 2019, it’s expected that websites have full functionality across platforms — mobile users should be able to interact with a site just as well as desktop users can. Simply plug in a URL and you’ll be provided with a screenshot of how a page looks on a mobile device and a list of any mobile usability problems that may arise (such as font that is too small or the use of Flash, which doesn’t work on many mobile devices). Since there are a variety of smartphones out there, testing your client’s site on only a personal device isn’t enough. Use this tool to see if your client’s site is truly mobile-ready.

Answer the Public

In quite the entertaining way, Answer the Public gives helpful visual insight into which online search queries are most popular in relation to a keyword. Simply pop in a keyword or two and the tools will provide a variety of content ideas, so marketers can create posts that reach a wider audience and drive more users to a site. This is an invaluable tool when it comes to compiling lists of content ideas, so marketers can touch on the same point from many different angles. In addition, marketers can find out which questions people are asking the most, and create an FAQ page to address them. This results in a more well-rounded content landscape that doesn’t overlook the most popular queries.

Google Keyword Planner

Are you unsure of which keywords would be most effective in driving search users to your client’s site? Then turn to Google Keyword Planner. Though designed for developing the most effective ads (so not technically an SEO tool), it can also help maximize SEO by providing the most popular keywords related to a given field. Marketers can then research which keywords are growing in popularity and which ones are waning, and structure content accordingly.


Keyworddit helps find the most popular keywords from reddit. For those not familiar with reddit, it serves as a news aggregator, content rating system, and discussion platform, all-in-one. The third most visited site in the US and the sixth in the world, reddit’s enthusiastic and active online communities are often at the cutting-edge of online trends (and memes). With a diverse array of subjects to explore, marketers can get in touch with niche communities around the globe.

To use Keyworddit, enter the name of a specific reddit forum, or “subreddit,” and then you’ll receive the most popular keywords relating to that topic. For example, you could enter “cooking” into Keyworddit and find that the top result is “tomato basil soup.” You could then publish a tomato basil soup recipe on your client’s site and share it to reddit. The traffic this generates can help boost your client’s SEO.

Local SEO Tools, Redefined

Uberall provides a platform to manage online presence and SEO enterprise-wide, from a centralized platform. By enriching and securing data across a variety of directories, review sites, mobile apps, and social networks, brand visibility is maximized in an efficient way. Brands can connect with more customers at the local level, with the global perspective of our Location Marketing Cloud. The end result is more engagement, more visibility, and more sales.

3 Responses to “All of the SEO Tools Marketers Need for 2019”

  1. I wonder you have not added SEMrush or ahrefs in your list of tools. Google tools are no doubt most effective but ahrefs is also great at dragging out data of competitors and also to monitor your own website’s growth. I would like to give keyworddit a try lets see how it works and the effectivenes of the tool.

  2. Great list, and surely these much-needed tools for any marketer. However, seems like the list is missing a proper all-in-one SEO solution, such as for example 🙂

  3. Chris says:

    Thanks for the info Rozanne. It seems this list is very short. Ahrefs, SEMrush, Cora, etc. Tons of great tools available. In many cases, they all do something a little different than the next. I wish everything could be solved with just 3 or 4 tools. Life would be so much easier. Now getting it done for under “an arm and leg”, and your first born, is probably asking too much! Great info on Uberall. Looks robust. Will see what they cost.

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