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Founded in 2003, Agendize is a SaaS-based customer engagement platform that features all the call-to-actions a business needs to connect with consumers online. The suite offers an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) tool with an email marketing functionality and includes online scheduling, click to call, live chat, form builder and call tracking. Available in white-label with mature APIs, the solution is used by companies of all sizes and sectors.

To learn more, we caught up with Raphael Iscar, head of communications and marketing at Agendize:

What local problem(s) does Agendize solve? How?
Often, the focus of the local business is providing the best services possible to their clients. But when it comes to organization, business administration or marketing, it can become a complex task to master. We understand that it’s difficult for a local business owner to be able to provide the level of service clients expect while managing staff schedules, appointments and notifications. If an SMB isn’t able to master all of these tasks, they lose money and clients too.

At Agendize, we think that local businesses should keep concentrating on what they’re strong at: providing state-of-the-art product and services to their clients. This is why we created our Online Scheduling platform. It’s in our DNA to help SMBs handle time-consuming administrative and management tasks in the most effective and simple way. By automating the online appointment booking process, we help SMBs to:

  • Save the time they were spending on the phone trying to find the best date and time according to their staffs and clients availability.
  • Save time managing staffs schedules as everyone has its own interactive calendar they can consult to anticipate their workday and prepare for the services they will offer.
  • Drive more clients to their business by allowing clients to book appointments at anytime, open or closed, and they can do so in just 4 clicks.
  • Avoid double bookings as the calendar shows clients only date and time where staff is available.
  • Avoid no-shows as the Agendize online scheduling software takes care of sending automatic notifications and reminders to customers and staff.
  • Collect client feedback. At the end of each appointment, they can automate the sending of a quick client survey and provide them with a chance to recommend the business to their friends.

We recently added a CRM with email marketing functionality to allow SMBs to better track and identify their customers as well as send them promotions on special days or events. They’re able to classify or “tag” their clients to create better relationships and grow retention.

The solution was designed to be simple to use and we just redesigned and launched this week our new Agendize Staff iOS and Android app to help SMBs manage staff schedules with the most intuitive interface possible. It gives them both an easy and mobile way to manage their business operations.

What makes Agendize innovative?
These last two years, we’ve been building a strong team around customer service, project management, innovation and marketing to understand what were the main local business issues today and discover ways to provide them with the best solutions possible.

  • LISTEN: We’ve been talking with local business owners to better understand what they struggle with in day-to-day operations.
  • THINK: With this feedback, our innovation team tries to implement the feature that will allow them to overpass these issues in the most effective and easy way.
  • TEAM: By creating the perfect work environment we developed a smooth communication path between each team (marketing, innovation, project, customer service) in order to provide our SMB clients with the best solution that addresses all their needs.

How does Agendize make the local space better for advertisers and/or consumers?
We make it easier for consumers to reach and have real interactions with local businesses according to the services they need. By creating an easy and intuitive digital communication path in between both business and consumer, we facilitate this interaction. This allows for customers to enjoy the service and businesses to focus on providing that service at the highest possible level.

What is next in local?
Today a lot of things happen online, specifically on Google. When you look for a restaurant, a barbershop or any potential service in your city or around you, you typically start this journey by browsing Google. But the fact is that local businesses still have problems in developing a proper online presence with an intuitive web page and a clear communication that clients would find online and understand. I think that the next step in local, is for digital marketing providers to be able to offer local businesses an all-in-one pack that includes: website design, communication, SEO and of course, call-to-actions that facilitate online scheduling and more.

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