Advertisers Can Now Chase Search Advertising Leads onto Facebook

Local Search Association member Kenshoo recently announced Intent-Driven Audiences™ (IDA), a clever way for advertisers to follow search leads onto Facebook via an anonymous cookie sync.  Kenshoo is the first Facebook ad partner to enable this type of targeting ability.

As the diagram above shows, IDA promises to marry Kenshoo’s paid search data with Facebook’s audience data to allow advertisers to re-engage custom audiences and develop new “lookalike” audiences.  Most importantly, the solution ties consumer intent to actual Facebook users, which before now, has been elusive.

The results are solid. After running a multi-month test for a leading national retailer, IDA campaigns on Facebook achieved up to 110% higher ROI and 66% lower CPC than equivalent SEM campaigns. Additionally, SEM campaign conversion rates increased by 19%, lifting paid search revenue by an incremental 22%.

“Kenshoo’s Intent-Driven Audiences allows advertisers to bridge audiences across marketing channels by bringing together consumer intent signals from search campaigns and Facebook’s Custom Audience targeting capabilities to drive better results for their marketing efforts,” said Blake Chandlee, VP of Partnerships, Facebook.

Search continues to be one of the best ways to capture and document consumer intent. Marketers that find ways to use this information across the fragmented digital landscape will help bring order to the local space and drive the consumer actions advertisers are looking for.  This is a great example of smart, innovative thinking that has tremendous upside for national brands and SMBs alike.

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