Acquisio and Pricing Engine Optimize SEM Budgets via Automation

During last week’s webinar, Acquisio and Pricing Engine talked about how automation has helped drive down costs and improve efficiency of local search engine marketing (SEM) overall. More specifically, they explained how automation has made it more feasible for SMBs with very limited ad budgets to profitably implement an SEM strategy.

The companies have partnered together to bring resellers a platform by which they can quickly and easily manage thousands of small accounts without the need for much human intervention.  Here are some highligths from the webinar:

  • SMBs are interested and want to spend more on digital, but want to buy from a trusted partner;
  • Self-service is complex, timely, difficult to measure and not always cost effective;
  • Regularly ran algorithms intelligently share budgets across campaigns while adjusting bids automatically;
  • Automation helps sales teams avoid leaving budgeted dollars on the table and on average, accounts spent 14% more with Acquisio’s automated platform.

Check out the entire presentation below:

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