8 Changes to Google My Business: What You Need to Know

Google My Business is a foundational pillar of local SEO. Over the course of the past several months Google has quietly made a number of changes — some unannounced — that affect business listings, Google Maps, the Local Pack and the GMB dashboard.

In a webinar this week, local SEO expert Joy Hawkins, a Google My Business Top Contributor, took the LSA audience through these important changes and offered pro tips for maximizing organic exposure. The content and advice was geared towards an advanced local SEO audience.

Here are the eight major changes that Joy discussed:

  1. Google removes permanently closed listings from the Local Finder.
  2. MapMaker may be dead but community editing on local listings is NOT.
  3. Classic Google Plus is dead! As of Spring 2017 there is no way to get to it.
  4. Google Maps now shows review counts for users.
  5. Google rolls out the “Snak Pak” to more industries in the USA.
  6. Businesses can now access 18 Months of data from GMB Insights.
  7. You can now add menus (restaurants) in the GMB Dashboard.
  8. Ads now show in the 3-pack on mobile.

For more insight into why these changes matter and how you can adjust your GMB strategies, below is the entire presentation (30 minute presentation, 45 minute Q&A).

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6 Responses to “8 Changes to Google My Business: What You Need to Know”

  1. Great explanation Joy thank you for summarising the changes.

  2. Andy Kuiper says:

    LOTS of great info here – thanks for taking the time to share all of this Joy and Greg, and for posting this video Joe 🙂

  3. Thanks for the post – can always count on Joy for valuable GMB insights

  4. Eric Manmano says:

    Great info! Thanks!

    I have a question…I work for a Garage Door Repair/Sales company and I manage all marketing/operations for 3 different locations: Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas. At our Phoenix location, our office recently moved to a different city (Chandler), but is still in the “Phoenix Metro” area.

    In order for me to capitalize to rank high on our new city location do I need to change my “location page” from Phoenix to be Chandler? Currently, I have the area, Chandler as a “service-area” page…what do you think?

    ex) to /locations/chandler-az

  5. Greg Sterling says:

    Eric: I can’t definitely answer this but if you want to rank for searches in Chandler you probably need a Chandler specific page (and not just keywords). But there are other Local SEO folks who could probably give you clear advice on tis topic.

  6. These changes are really good and useful. thank you for sharing this post with us.

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