7 Steps for Effective A/B Ad Testing

An often overlooked aspect of ad optimization, A/B testing is a way of comparing two versions of the same ad to gauge their performance. One of the biggest reasons testing is so important, especially in search engine marketing (SEM), is because the higher “quality” of an ad, the better placement it receives on the page. But a good ad also equates to more clicks for less money, and in turn, more money for you.

Testing helps bring to light the kind of copy that resonates most with an audience. During last week’s webinar, Frank Palmieri, manager, creative strategy at Yahoo, provided the seven steps of effective A/B ad testing as well as some tips on the type of copy that he is seeing drive the most consumer engagement in the marketplace. The seven steps are:

  • Step 1: Choose Your Objective
  • Step 2: Define Your Target
  • Step 3: Find Campaigns/Ad Groups to Test
  • Step 4: Find Patterns to Test
  • Step 5: Choose a Variable
  • Step 6: Run the Test
  • Step 7: Review Results

For more on exactly how these steps are done, check out the entire webinar presentation below.

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