5 Myths about Proximity & Location Data Marketing

Location data and the marketing tactics it enables like attribution, audience modeling, cross-device behavior, foot traffic analysis, etc., have come to the forefront of the digital marketing world. Similarly, a number of mergers, acquisitions and partnerships have reinforced location’s centrality.

Studies also point to an increasing embrace of location from both the marketer and consumer perspective. According to data from LBMA, 25% of marketing budgets are spent on location-based marketing and over 50% of brands are using location data to target customers. And SkyHook found that 83% percent of app users say location is crucial to their app experiences.

Despite this flurry of activity, many myths and misconceptions exist within the location and proximity data space that may be holding it back. With the help of Romet Kallas of Unacast, our latest webinar looked at these myths, exploring what the reality is when it comes to various issues.

  1. Myth: Proximity and location data are the same thing. Reality: Location data offers a macro view of consumers while proximity data is a micro view.
  2. Myth: Location data is all sourced the same way. Reality: Collection methods vary depending on objectives and the technology being used.
  3. Myth: All GPS data is the same. Reality: Depending on the collection method, GPS data accuracy can vary.
  4. Myth: Proximity and location tech violates consumer privacy. Reality: Users often opt-in to share data in exchange for a better user experience.
  5. Myth: Location data = retargeting. Reality: Many uses for location exists, including attribution, audience modeling, foot traffic, etc.

To access the entire webinar, which includes an insightful Q&A portion, view the webinar recording below.

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Unacast CEO and Co-Founder Thomas Walle will discuss, “Unlocking the Black Box of Location” at the 2017 Place Conference in NYC 9.18.17. Join us!

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