3 Online Video Stats that Matter Most to Local Marketers

As part of winning in the Video category of the Ad to Action Awards, Sightly’s Robert Helstrom, vice president of marketing and strategy, will provide monthly insight into the world of video advertising.  Robert helps craft and execute the go-to-market strategy for Sightly’s TargetView platform.

You may have seen the recent Cisco study predicting that by 2018, 79% of all Internet traffic will be video. That’s significant in that it points out just how much video we consume—and will continue to consume—on all our screens.

But what does that mean to you, your clients and the brands and products you tend? Let’s put it in terms we marketers can appreciate:

  1. 190 million Americans watch online video each month: We are in the midst of a seismic shift from single-screen TV to multi-screen video viewing, and if you or your clients don’t have a strategy to reach this massive new audience yet, now’s the time to get cracking.
  2. 53% of YouTube viewers are 35 or older: Yep, online video is mainstream now. The audience is watching everything online—from traditional TV to original content to comedy, sports clips, product reviews, how to videos, news, health, education, you name it.
  3. Americans now watch 30 to 35 billion video ads each month: Not videos, video ads—i.e., commercials that appear in online videos. And that number represents an increase of more than 200% in the past 18 months.

More about the difference between video marketing and video advertising in our next article, BTW. For now, just imagine running 15 to 30-second commercials online, where you can measure exactly how many people watch them and you only pay for full views.

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