2019 Predictions: Voice Will Become #1 Tool for Consumer Search

Voice assistants like Siri and Alexa are becoming the preferred search tool for consumers. In response to that, businesses will need to start adopting strategies to prepare for this shift in voice technology reliance. One strategy we predict will be implemented across brands is Voice Engine Optimization, which refers to a new content marketing strategy to provide these voice assistants with questions and answers that consumers are frequently asking. Consumers crave convenience and the increased reliance on voice technology devices will be forcing marketers to adopt this strategy and to think locally.

This is how we see the shift unfolding in 2019: voice tech assistants will be even more humanized, with new updates being made to fix common voice recognition errors that are common today. Once these tools become easier to utilize, consumers will increase their search habits with voice tech tools, with the domino effect of brands and marketers being forced to keep up. This must be done through the optimization of content to continuously drive revenue and foot traffic into real stores.

With voice search, there is only one result instead of a page of 10 results, making it all that much more competitive. VEO will be the secret weapon to stay ahead of this upcoming transition away
from typed and into voice search.

2 Responses to “2019 Predictions: Voice Will Become #1 Tool for Consumer Search”

  1. Dick Lambert says:

    I have a local home inspection business, Delray Beach Home Inspector.
    For voice search reasons down the road, I registered domain names Delray home inspector, Inspectors, Inspection & Inspections. Was that s good idea?

  2. Greg Sterling says:

    Doesn’t hurt. But voice search is really about content than keyword stuffing. You could build out landing pages under those URLs that link to your main site and do campaigns around those keywords. But really you need to determine and provide answers on your site (and possibly video + transcripts) to your customers problems/questions. That’s the kind of stuff that’s going to get you into snippets. Many people are now recommending more FAQs on your site specifically for voice search. This is a more involved topic for this quick response. But that’s my top-of-mind reaction.

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