2019 Prediction: Google Will Introduce Paid Features for GMB & More Focus on “Position 0″

Google is putting a lot of money into adding features for the GMB listings and making it so they almost take the place of the website for local businesses. They are going to want to monetize it someway down the road. I predict an increase in GMB features some of which will be paid options. 2018 brought us Q&A and GMB posts, both of which have been very impactful. I am sure Google will continue to roll out more features.

Also, I predict a continued focus on featured snippets and schema. Google recently added Question and Answer schema. As voice search and “position zero” becomes more and more relevant, I can see Google giving us more opportunities to use schema to get that spot.

The importance of relevant content answers a searcher’s question is going to continue to be important. Optimizing content to be relevant for voice search like Q&A pages could be a good opportunity as well.

To view all of the 2019 predictions, download the full report here.

One Response to “2019 Prediction: Google Will Introduce Paid Features for GMB & More Focus on “Position 0″”

  1. Jayaraj MS says:

    It seems the next generation of open source needs some or bit more payable services. Even if that happens that violates the expectation of open source platform. right? Since this is an observation I think we need to wait to see what happens on real time. Looking forward to more contents on this. Thank you for sharing the view.

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