2018 Prediction: Map Listings Will Drive the Future of Local Search

At the end of 2017 we asked members of the extended LSA community to tell us what they expect in 2018 for location-based marketing and media. We received a broad mix of predictions from over 60 industry professionals and compiled them into a free report.

Below are the predictions submitted by Bernadette Coleman, CEO at Advice Local:

Map Listings Will Drive the Future of Local Search

In the good ‘ole days, online maps were something you generated and printed off your computer to get turn-by-turn directions to your favorite local business. GPS then changed the game by instantly bringing directions to drivers through devices like Garmin and services like OnStar. Map apps on mobile devices took things a step further by providing simple, on the go directions to the average driver’s fingertips.

Today, it seems the first thing most drivers do is pull up directions to their destination via various types of mapping technology — e.g. mobile devices, in-dash navigation systems, or even solutions like Apple CarPlay. Having immediate access to turn-by-turn directions has become more than a luxury: it’s a necessity in today’s fast-paced world.

As proximity continues to narrow and the use of mobile search on the go rapidly rises, optimized map listings will play an even larger role in determining which businesses a consumer visits. While submitting business data to the major data providers and maintaining accurate listings on directories around the web, businesses will also need to start improving trust, accuracy, and optimization if they want to thrive in this modern society. The future of search is ever-changing, and the businesses that adapt will be the survivors.

To access the more than 60 2018 predictions, download the report here.

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