100 Entries from Diverse Range of Companies for Ad-to-Action Awards

Now that the submission period has closed for the 2016 Ad-to-Action Awards, we are excited to announce that this year we received 100 entries from 72 different companies. Last year we received 91 entries and in 2014 we received 60. The growth of the program is a testament to the continuing evolution and innovation taking place in the local marketing space.

In the next few days, our expert judges will rate and review all 100 entries on ability to facilitate consumer actions (calls, clicks, store visits, etc.), innovation, ROI potential, ease of implementation and more. Each of these areas of focus will be scored on a 10-point scale and these scores will be aggregated into a final score for the entry.

We expect to announce two finalists for each of the 10 categories by February 5, at which time LSA will request :30-1 minute videos from finalists that highlight the company or the entry that was submitted. Leading up to the announcement of the winners at LSA16 March 7-9 in San Francisco, these videos will be featured on the LSA website for several weeks. In addition, prior to the awards ceremony, the videos will be shown to the entire conference audience between sessions at LSA16.

As a look back, here are the previous finalists and winners from 2015 and 2014:

Here are all the companies that submitted this year:

2016 Award Entrants

Good luck to all who participated and stay tuned for the finalists.



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