Yext Brand Repositioning and What It Says about ‘Local’


A few weeks ago Yext announced that its Geomarketing blog was going on hiatus. This was part of a broader repositioning of the company. It has gone from listings/presence management, to digital knowledge management to “online brand management.”

At the core of the product is still listings and presence management (and reputation) as a basic matter. But what’s interesting is the move to emphasize “brand management” rather than “local.”

yext positioning

Yext has a reseller program for agencies, publishers and other SMB “aggregators.” The company deals directly with national-to-local entities and franchise brands.

National brands and retailers have until recently perhaps never seen themselves as part of the “local” market. This, despite the fact that well over 90% of their sales are offline. They’ve historically seen the term “local” and read “small business.”

Yext is hardly the first company seeking brand/national retailer revenue, operating in the “local market,” to move away from the term local itself.

I’m curious what others think about this brand repositioning:

  • Is it smart?
  • Is the term “local” too limiting or problematic from a national customer perspective?
  • Do you think it represents a way to “rise above” a noisy local vendor segment where more and more things appear to be undifferentiated or commoditized?

What are your thoughts?

3 Responses to “Yext Brand Repositioning and What It Says about ‘Local’”

  1. Gary Steel says:

    Your screenshot of the Google Adwords ad is one of many that they are using. I’ve seen several. Today, one headline said, “Control Your Business Listings‎”, another said “Online Brand Management | Boost Listings, Reviews & SEO.”, and yet another said “Yext Listings | Scan Your Business For Free‎”. It’s a best practice to rotate various creative and settle in on the one that yields the lowest CPA. There’s nothing more important than a business ‘Name’. That is the ultimate brand identifier. Since Yext specializes in synchronizing NAP, i’m thinking that this is a nod to the ‘N’ in the online listing world. IMHO.

  2. Roger Franklin says:


    look over here at this shiny ball!

  3. Greg Sterling says:

    Regardless of the particular screen/title/ad copy . . . Yext is going through a repositioning of sorts.

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