Yellow Pages Group Announces Strategic Agreement with Foursquare

Late last year, we shared news about Yellow Pages Group’s beta launch of, the company’s first public application interface. The tool, available to developers across platforms, provides YPG with the unique ability to stream its top Canadian local search content directly to third-party sites and applications.

Today, YPG expanded its commitment to supporting application developer innovation – and in the process driving additional potential leads to its advertisers – by announcing its participation in the “venue harmonization project” of Foursquare, the popular location-based social networking site. YPG is the first Canadian company to participate in the program, which currently includes The New York Times, New York Magazine, Thrillist and MenuPages as partners.

The project is an effort by Foursquare to improve the accuracy of business locations in its database. As part of the agreement, YPG will share its 1.5 million Canadian business listings with Foursquare through its API platform. In turn, the partnership will also allow hundreds of developers using the API to integrate Foursquare functionality into their apps.

I think this agreement has two important takeaways for those following our industry. First, that a forward-thinking Yellow Pages company is creating the tools necessary to develop and leverage a relationship with a newer local search player to benefit both companies. And secondly, that the accurate and trusted listings found in Yellow Pages continue to be unmatched in the marketplace.

I look forward to seeing this relationship play out.

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