LSA17: Transactional Sales Is Churn Waiting to Happen


In a conversation with Jared Rowe, CEO of YP, LSA’s Greg Sterling asked a number of questions as it relates to the companies strategic focus. The refrain from the session was “know what your customer wants.” In other words, Jared said that selling products with a simple transactional focus is “churn waiting to happen.”

Jared Rowe joined YP in September 2016 from Cox Enterprises, where he most recently served as President of Cox Automotive Media Solutions Group and was responsible for all strategic, financial, operational, and other aspects of the highly successful Autotrader, Kelley Blue Book and businesses.

As to the “why” Jared took the job at YP, he said that it is an iconic brand with great assets and capabilities. He also mentioned that he likes the disruption that a big sales team can have and how it can help organize a messy market. Above all, he enjoyed the prospect of helping small businesses realize their personal dreams of owning a business.

Among other things, he talked about the need to “bend” the YP brand to be more modern and aligned with the current marketplace. When asked how he can help make the brand more relevant to millennials and “mobile prodigies,” he said “make a promise, keep a promise.” He said that if you solve needs, consumers will come back.

As it relates to SMB advertisers, the company’s objective is to make the phone ring in a meaningful way. He said marketers and media companies need to understand client needs and stop pitching products. Instead, knowing what each client is trying to accomplish and helping them do it is going to keep advertisers happy.

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