LSA17 Session Spotlight: Local 2020 – Advice from the Future


There are several underlying themes baked into the agenda at LSA17 this year:

  • Accelerating change and the need to rapidly adapt to a faster and more dynamic marketplace
  • How company culture is often the untold story behind success or failure in the market
  • Evolution of the product (consumer and B2B marketing/tools)

We have some terrific sessions addressing each of these.

The opening session, “Local 2020” is intended to offer short Ted Talk-like presentations of key topics, issues and competitive variable that will determine success or failure in the next three years.

Each of the speakers is from a different sector of the market and brings a different perspective to the question of what local publishers, technology companies and marketing providers must do in the immediate future to ensure their success — or even their survival.

Structural change and new competitive dynamics dictate that local media companies and marketing providers adapt more quickly, be more innovative and be willing to take more risks than they have in the past.

I’m very interested to hear what they’ll say and what advice they’ll give. The conceit is that they’re looking back from 2020 with the benefit of hindsight. Find out what they have to say and join us at LSA17 in San Diego, February 27 – March 1.

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