Best & Worst Ways to Influence Local SEO Rankings

In our monthly Locals Only column on Search Engine Land, I discussed how the vast majority of local business out there – even those heavily invested in digital and mobile marketing – are constantly looking for insights on how they can improvement their placements in Google’s search engine results.

A survey released earlier this month by Moz’s David Mihm asked 35 local marketing experts to rank what they perceive as the best and worst ways to influence local SEO rankings. The survey provides a strong blueprint for local businesses on where to prioritize their local marketing efforts to generate greater visibility for their brands and one-up their competitors. It also provides perspective on actions to avoid that can damage a business’ credibility in local search.

Click here to read my column on Search Engine Land.

One Response to “Best & Worst Ways to Influence Local SEO Rankings”

  1. Excellent article on I’ve been asked more and more how to rank local from some potential clients in my area.

    The fun thing, is that there’s more than one way to skin a cat in this instance, and grouping all of the local aspects together can rule a centralized market.

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