62% of Small Businesses Don’t Have Marketing Help

In a survey, conducted for the Yellow Pages Association by Issues and Answers, 400 small business owners shared what’s keeping them awake nights. Some interesting, but perhaps not surprising, items include:

  • More than half (53%) said that generating new customers is their toughest marketing challenge.
  • 44% of small business owners measure the success of their marketing program by ROI.
  • 33% perceive the most effective marketing mix to be print advertising, 20% use a combination of print and online while 19% use another marketing mix they believe is most effective for their business.

That positions our Yellow Pages sales teams to be the “on deck” consultant for thousands of small businesses.

And recently, I had the pleasure of discussing this survey and other topics with Jim Blasingame, creator and award-winning host of the “Small Business Advocate Show,” the world’s only weekday talk show dedicated to small business. Jim’s show reaches over 400,000 listeners in more than 40 U.S. markets.

I recommend you spend some time on Jim’s site, it’s full of information supporting small businesses and Jim (as you can hear on the interview) is a strong believer in the Yellow Pages.

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